Too busy? Go back to basics

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Too busy? Go back to basics

Do you recognize the overwhelming feeling described by many mummy-bloggers on how to be the perfect parent?

Do you recognize the overwhelming feeling described by many mummy-bloggers on how to be the perfect parent? Here is one from scarymummy,com on sleep:
“Look, we all know that sleep is a good thing. Telling parents that more sleep is healthier for our kids is like telling us that broccoli is healthier than Oreos. No shit. Believe me, there isn’t a parent out there who is choosing to keep their kids up late. We want them in bed early as much as anyone so we can pour a glass of wine while we binge-watch Stranger Things. But parenting is hard, we’re busy as hell, and life gets in the way.”

As many of us – myself included – wait until our 30s to have children we are met by the dilemma of juggling the maybe most important period of our career with the maybe most important thing in our life – our babies leading to strong demands and sleep deprivation. Not always the best cocktail!

There is much advice out there with parental guidelines – this page included.

If you feel overwhelmed by all the advice available, and if you feel that you are constantly behind time, it might be time to look at the basics and look at your priorities.

In order for you child to thrive there are some basics needs to be met: food, sleep, exercise, love, and care.

Go back

Sometimes it can help to take a break, go back to basics and cut all other activities.

There are so many activities available and when we are in a hurry they can seem very important. But if you feel you are too busy as a family – try for a month to only focus on the basics and say no to everything else.

Slowing down time in general will make it easier for your child to fall asleep. And watch what happens to your own sense of thriving when you begin to prioritise your own rest and sleep – the basics.

In stead of feeling bad or having a bad conscious about the stuff you cancel – explain to friends and family that you feel it is time to slow down and take care of the well-being of you family. In this way you can inspire other families who also run too fast to do the same.

Going back to basics allows you to see things clearly again.