The colours of the heart

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This is so beautiful and important, parents!


One of the responses I have gotten the most from parents reading “The Children’s Meditations In my Heart” resembles this beautiful Buddha Doodle from Buddha Doodles.

So many parents from all over the world have been surprised by the colours their children see in their hearts when they read them the meditations from the book and guide their children to fill their hearts with love.

Traditionally we combine the colour red with the colour of love and the colour of the heart. In chakra language the colours green and rose are often found in the heart chakra meditations.

And as this beautiful doodle shows the colours inside a child are infinite and yet to be discovered.

The adult world is often more grey, white or black. We can learn so much about love, creativity, innovation by joining our children in heart meditation. And we can nourish these qualities in our children as well through meditation.

You have all these colours inside your heart as well. Let your child guide you to the colours by reading them “The Children’s Meditations In my Heart” and listening to their stories of the colours of their hearts.

And please also ask them to draw the images they see or the feelings they get during the meditations. It is so wonderful. Wishing you a magical time with child meditation.

Thank you Buddha Doodles for this beautiful image.

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