Does your child know the little love cloud?

af | maj 5, 2017 | English | 0 Kommentarer

So this is really touching. I have a business partner and a friend who lives 4 hours away from me. She has the most wonderful daughter. We have a special bond this girl and I. I had a meeting with her mother the other day and got the cutest letter from my little friend. It says in Danish that she hopes we are doing well and that she misses me. However, she knows I am sending a lot of love to her little cloud of love.
When I read this it makes me so happy, because she truly knows her love cloud and knows that she is loved. Every child should know about their little love cloud. Children are separated from loved ones all the time. Loneliness, depression, and anxiety among children are increasing.
This girl gives me strength and fires up my passion to keep spreading the word about The Children’s Meditations In my Heart – because all children should know that they are loved also when they are not physically with the ones they love.
The little love cloud is from the third meditation in the book. Because this cloud has become so popular and important to so many children, we decided to make a key chain for the children to be reminded of their little love cloud at school or when they miss someone they love. We also made a poster (only in Danish for now).
Please help me reach more children who could benefit from knowing their little love cloud .