Do you too worry about Generation iPad?

af | aug 8, 2018 | English | 0 Kommentarer

In the August issue 2018 og The Yoga Magazine I wrote an article called “Do you too worry about Generation Ipad?”
“More human, less robot
So what happens when children today are never bored? When they never experience that glorious feeling of time standing still? How creative can they get when pen and pencil are replaced by stylus and keypad? In my daughter’s Danish public school all students in grade 0-3 are handed iPads and a Chromebook at 4th grade.
These questions leave me worried. So worried that I have introduced ‘screen free’ mornings, ‘screen free’ Tuesdays and ‘screen free’ vacations. And I love it when my daughters throw themselves to the ground and proclaim they are bored!
I’m not going to sugar-coat the initial resistance; boredom brings out the worst in kids, especially when they’re not familiar with it. It drives them mad and makes them irritable, but resist the temptation to ‘quick fix’ the situation with a digital screen!”
Gitte Winter Graugaard