By Gitte Winter Graugaard

By Gitte Winter Graugaard

Coach, mentor and author

Gitte helps entrepreneurs and writers with big hearts dream BIG in life and dare to chase their passions. On her blog you can read about some of the issues she and her clients face. 


Are you frustrated? Trying hard – getting nowhere, maybe even backwards? I hear you! I see you!

There is something going on in the energy right now that has to do with 2019 ending. I feel it myself and hear about it from friends, colleagues and clients. I am not into planets or astrology, but simply feel that it is time to let go of this year that has brought a test to many of us. 2019 has been about leveling up – hearing your calling – feeling that it is time to rise – and finding your courage.

Ever since summer I have heard these words in most of my meditations: “Get ready for 2020”.

I have done my best, worked hard and as the year is about to end, it feels like the energy is saying: Are you sure you are ready? This is when I have two choices – belittle myself and creep into a mouse hole or power up, straighten up, stand proud and raise my vibration.

Yes, it is scary and yes it takes a lot of courage. But as I see the moon rising in the mist of clouds in the horizon outside my window I howl like a wolf: YES I AM READY.

If this is a final test – I say YES – Bring it on. 2020 I am ready for you! I will rise above the drama of the ending of this year and look into the karma and my purpose in life. I will rise above. I will lift my vibration.

Bring it on – 2020 I am ready! I have been preparing for you since Summer – maybe all my life.

I invite you, my friends, to howl with me – let go of your dramas – and look into your karma.

Remember wolves run in packs – you are not alone 

Light and love Gitte