Af Gitte Winter Graugaard

Af Gitte Winter Graugaard

Coach, mentor og forfatter

Gitte hjælper iværksættere og forfattere med at føre drømme ud i livet. Her på bloggen kan du læse om nogle af de problemstillinger hun selv og hendes klienter møder. Rigtig god fornøjelse. 

I don’t remember feeling energies so strongly around a new year as this year. I have been sick for days and today finally feel the energy back in my body.

It doesn’t feel like sickness in my cells though but rather a sickness in layers I am ready to let go of. Like the outer layers of an onion peeling off like dropping cloaks behind me turning into dust. Cloaks I no longer need. Cloaks too heavy to bring into the next decade. It feels like decluttering in layers of energy. Cleansing. Letting go. Using the water element of winter.

Maybe I am more awake and connected to my energy body and my soul’s purpose this year? Maybe it is because it is more than a new year – a shift of decade? Maybe it is because the need of the work for lightworkers uniting all over the planet is so urgent right now? Maybe it is a shift in paradigm from hundreds of years of masculine overruling dominance to a more soft warm and loving feminine energy which means a whole new way of living together? The ‘how’s are piling up. Maybe we are finally waking up and collectively feel the pain of the planet (thank you Greta Thunberg – nameste). Maybe we know we have to be courageous on a whole new scale to change things around in a time when politics are dividing us rather than bringing us together? Or maybe it is a sum of the above and more? I don’t know but I know it is intense.

If you too feel tired, powerless, alone, scared, freaked out, maybe even depressed – seek those around you who understand all of the above and unite.

No one can make all of this happen alone – but together we can move mountains. I have deep faith in us. 

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