Let science explain peaceful parenting

HEARTMATH explains peaceful parenting

For a long time I have been sharing with you – the importance of connecting to your heart – to help your child to sleep. In my book The Children’s Meditations in my Heart I teach you how to help your child fall asleep by meditating and filling themselves with love. A method now helping more than 30,000 families every evening create a loving bedtime routine.

I am so happy to share this AMAZING interview with you today with the former CEO of HeartMath Institute, Bruce Cryer.

In his loving blissful way, Bruce explains to us what actually happens with us as parents when we connect with our hearts – and also when we don’t. He teaches us how science can help us become more conscious of our energy and what we radiate? It is all about our HEART RATE VARIABILITY…

Take a look at the before and after – learning about this technique – scenario!


Upset parent’s heart rate variability

Let science explain peaceful parenting


Calm parent’s heart rate variability

Let science explain peaceful parenting

Which scenario do you prefer? 


As parents we all wish to help our children, right? This is why I am so excited to share this interview with you. For a long time I have been following HeartMath Institute online with great interest as they study the science of the heart and what it means to us when we connect to our hearts – and also when we don’t. So when I met the former CEO of HeartMath, Bruce Cryer, at an international convention for transformational teachers I had so many questions. 

What you will learn in this interview is how a strong heart connection helps you and your child:

  • Think more clearly
  • Get brighter ideas
  • Become more creative
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Increase flow
  • Access inner guidance – intuition – our energetic gold.

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In my talk I addressed why a strong heart connection is SO important as we parents wish to help our children find inner peace during the day and at bedtime.

Surprising facts from HeartMath:

  • The heart sends more messages to the brain than the other way around. By becoming more coherent in your heart rythm you help your brain in so many ways.
  • Your heart’s magnetic field can be measured outside your body several feet away
  • Positive emotions create a long range of physiological benefits in your body
  • A strong heart connection can boost your immune system.
  • When we are growing in our mothers womb the heart start beating and shaping before the brain is developed.
  • A mothers brainwave can synchronize to her child’s heartbeat
  • Heart Coherence influences people and animals around you.
  • Just by thinking of something stressful you feel a stress reaction – and you push out 1400 biochemicals into your bodies, some of them stress hormones.

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