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Gitte writes books for children filled with magical meditations that help them find peace in the evenings at bedtime and sleep better. She is passionate about teaching children to navigate from their hearts and understand their beautiful inner landscape. When we know our inner landscape, so much in life becomes much easier... 

How Christian Eriksen’s accident united a nation in heartlight

All of a sudden a beautiful Danish summer evening with red and white flags hanging from all the windows in the streets and alleys of Copenhagen turned into a nightmare.

After a long winter with Corona virus, even us, who don’t normally watch soccer, were ready with barbecue, cold beer, and summer sun for a cozy evening with friends and family.

Our children had sensed the atmosphere all day and were looking forward to a wonderful evening. Nearly 2 out of a total of 6 million Danes sat in front of the screen, including many children. Some families were even at the stadium.

Suddenly there was complete silence. It was too quiet. He was too still. What happened? Why is he just lying there? Has he fainted? But Christian Eriksen didn’t faint, he was briefly dead. His heart was no longer beating. Had it not been for team mates and a medical team that acted quickly, it could have been the very last heartbeat for the young father, boyfriend, son, friend and soccer player, idol, who happily survived – in front of millions of people.

Heartbeat, life and death

It was an experience we will never forget, and the happiness was enormous and liberating when we found out that Christian Eriksen had survived.

Just behind the joy lurked a sea of ​​questions – especially from the children. For what happened to him? Is he ok? Why did he fall over? Is he dead? Will he die again? Can it happen to you too? Why won’t they let us  see him? Why are the other players crying? Why do you and dad look so scared? Will he get well again? My stomach hurts. Will he never play football again? Is it dangerous to play football?

What should you as a parent answer? It is very individual what we think our children should know about death, and it also depends on the child’s age and maturity. Our own reaction also comes into play. A good advice is to let your child ask questions, try to answer the best you can with as little drama as possible.

Also keep in mind that the conversation may start with being about Christian Eriksen, but can quickly become about the child’s more general questions about life and death. Take the opportunity to talk to your child about one of life’s biggest issues and help your child demystify death.

The Danish Heart Association is already experiencing a massive influx of inquiries from the population with offers of defibrillator courses this summer. A few years ago, I gathered my neighbors for a volunteer course here with us. I can recommend it if you have similar services where you live. On the front page of the association’s website, it is explained what an ICD is, which is the pacemaker Christian Eriksen has had implanted.

The heart as an organ is enormously fascinating. We must educate our children in the functions of the heart, but also about the light within and the language of – our hearts. Meditation is one way.

Heartlight, love and hope

I would like to contribute with my knowledge of the latter part of the heart – the love part. For our hearts are so much more than flesh, mussel, and blood. The heart is the first organ formed in the fetus and is so closely connected to the life we ​​have been given. It pumps life around our body and is closely linked to our emotional register.

It strikes fast when we get scared. It might have been quiet if you too were startled by the accident of Christian Eriksen. It got warmer when we found out he was alive. It floats freely when we are happy. It bubbles when we are in love.

How do you most often feel your heart? Ask the same question to your child and educate your child to learn the language of their heart. 

Listen to your heart

When I took a lot of training to become a coach, mindfulness and meditation instructor, I met many people who had lost the connection to their hearts, some early in life. I think many people today suffer from a loss of brain and heart coherence – hence the high stress rate. I talk about that a lot more in my TEDx. Our hearts would never allow us to get that far out, if we listened to it. It is far too caring.

Through those meetings, I saw how lucky I had been to grow up with such a close connection to my heart and so much love from my family. I decided that my children should know how to feel connected to their hearts and started meditating with them.

The language of the heart is universal

Back in 2015, based on many wonderful experiences with my own children, I wrote my first book about the heart as an inner landscape filled with love. “The Children’s Meditations In My Heart” has now sold more than 40,000 copies and has just been published in its 7th edition in Danish and will come out in the 2nd edition in English this summer. It has also been translated into Spanish, Norwegian, English, Arabic and is on its way in Portuguese, Russian and Armenian!

Why is that important? Because the language of the heart is universal.

The way we love each other and our children is the same all over the world. The way our hearts beat for our children is the same no matter where we live, what culture we have and what level of income we have.

When we as a people open our hearts so massively to one single human being, as we have here in Denmark and all around the world during the past weeks , it is the light of heart, empathy and gratitude that comes out of our hearts. The state of being lifts our vibration as a people and we bring a collective frequency of healing into play. Nothing is more beautiful than collective healing. This is who we are, when we are living our true purposes. We came to this planet as love and light. The fear, anger, violence, frustration, envy, hatred we also see in society are signs of a lost connection to a heart. If we would learn early in life to keep our natural connection to our hearts, we would experience world peace on a much larger scale. 

HEARTLIGHT – new book coming out

That the doctors gave Christian Eriksen his life back with defibrillators and other help is fantastic. Seeing an entire stadium and an entire people open our hearts and stand so close together is magical. Therefore, the media also overflows with greetings to our all together favorite player, number 10, Christian Eriksen. Greetings also flow in from many players and fans all over the world. Thank you. When we meet like this – with open hearts – anything can be done, miracles can take place and hope flares in our veins. Meeting the world with an open heart is what the children learn in the fourth meditation of “The Children’s Meditations in my Heart

We can do this with heart meditations every single night. We can turn up our HEARTLIGHT. Sign up for my newsletter to hear the news about my upcoming book in English HEARTLIGHT – teach your child to shine. 


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Christian Eriksen brought a nation together
Christian Eriksen brought a nation together

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