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Gitte Winter Graugaard

International bestselling author and expert in peaceful bedtime routines

Gitte writes books for children filled with magical meditations that help them find peace in the evenings at bedtime and sleep better. She is passionate about teaching children to navigate from their hearts and understand their beautiful inner landscape. When we know our inner landscape, so much in life becomes much easier...

Meet Chief Eaglefeather – new book


Children, parenting, bedtime and sleep have been on my mind the past many years.

As I learned that my first book with heart meditations for kids, The Children’s Meditations in my Heart was helping so many kids fall asleep, I started reflecting a lot about sleep and became quite a sleep nerd.

As I found out that the gate to dreamland for kids (adults as well) is to be found in our hearts (goes for adults too), I felt like I had found the magical sleeping method that all parents search for in those endless hours sitting next to a bed with a sleepless, crying child.

Watch my TEDx talk, if you are interested in hearing more about how sleep and the heart is connected

So many children can’t sleep

The next sleep mystery I wanted to solve was: – if SO many children aren’t sleeping well all over the world, and if so many kids can’t fall asleep on their own, would that then mean that they are somehow disconnected from their hearts and inner core. A theory that could sound plausible in today’s modern, busy society. Could it be that we forget to teach our kids about their inner ressources with schools focusing so much on grades, perfection and training of brain skills. Some schools have begun teaching kids mindfulness, but most schools still only focus on grades and a somewhat old school curriculum. Here in Denmark I have been involved in introducing mindfulness and now also heartfulness to schools and teachers with my institute Heartlight Institute.

So my reflections were: Why SO many children can’t fall asleep? What keeps them awake? Why are so many parents struggling with their bedtime routines to help their kids to sleep?

The answer I found was that on top of teaching our kids to connect to their hearts we also need to help them deal with the thoughts and feelings that are keeping them awake. As adults we know about racing thoughts at bedtime. Today many kids suffer from mental pressure that keeps them awake.

Introducing energy work to kids with the four elements

I had been working with energy for quite some time and especially loved working with the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

My idea was to teach kids about the elements through meditation. It became what will now be published in English as a book series called “The Valley of the Hearts – Meditations for Children”, first published as a compilation in Danish in August 2017. Now the first book in the series is ready for you – called Meet Chief Eaglefeather.

Teaching our children to reconnect to nature is a gift for life. Let’s teach them how fire, water, earth and air can help us create balance. By mirroring their behaviour in nature in meditation we can find inner peace.

Teach your kids to cleanse

My idea was that “The Valley of the Hearts” would help the kids cleanse themselves so that they could fall asleep, sleep deeper and longer. Many of my readers have already confirmed that theory.

Read here one of many wonderful testimonials I have received.

“Thank you very much for the Valley of the Hearts! It has meant a lot! Our daughter sleeps much deeper !! In my heart helped her to fall better and easier to sleep and when we got the Valley of the Hearts, it really helped a lot to sleep deeper at night. MANY THANKS for amazing books! and everything you do! It’s very inspiring and very important! Thank you. ”

A happy mother

Let Chief Eaglefeather guide you

The first book is now published. The meditations in The Valley of Hearts unfold against the backdrop of a fictive indigenous valley. Your child is met by the wise Chief Eaglefeather, and is invited to explore with him the four natural elements around and within us.

From the book:

Chief Eaglefeather taps into our innate wisdom of nature, stored in our collective consciousness, and makes us reconnect with nature again. He is from everywhere and nowhere exactly. He has been carried through generations through storytelling and intuition.

He knows all oceans, all mountains, all continents, and all native cultures. He is a friend to all children. He is not a religious character – albeit love is his religion should we choose one for him...

Could we change those scary statistics on stress in children and adolescents by teaching them meditation and reconnection with nature? And would they then look after our planet in a better way? I strongly believe so, yes.”


Meet Chief Eaglefeather - new book

Meet Chief Eaglefeather

Help your child cleanse at bedtime to make it much easier to fall a sleep and thrive.

Fill your heart up with love

In my heart

Get the book that helps thousands of kids to sleep every night. Create that special connection that you will cherish forever.

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