Saying goodbye to a decade

Saying goodbye to a decade

I don’t remember feeling energies so strongly around a new year as this year. I have been sick for days and today finally feel the energy back in my body. It doesn’t feel like sickness in my cells though but rather a sickness in layers I am ready to let go of.

Wolves run in packs

Wolves run in packs

There is something going on in the energy right now that has to do with 2019 ending. I feel it myself and hear about it from friends, colleagues and clients. I am not into planets or astrology, but simply feel that it is time to let go of this year that has brought a test to many of us. 2019 has been about leveling up – hearing your calling – feeling that it is time to rise – and finding your courage.

Welcome to my blog in English. Gitte shares her knowledge about children’s meditation and teaches us how to help children sleep and thrive.

Gitte Winter Graugaard is a Scandinavian bestselling author and expert in peaceful bedtime routines. She is on a global mission to help parents help their children to thrive through her magical sleep meditations.

Gitte is an international speaker, TEDx speaker, and teacher of workshops about meditation for children. Book her for speaking here.

The big shifts in her teaching often comes when the parents she helps become aware of their energy and what they radiate.

She is now changing bedtime routines the world over in multiple languages. In 2019 & 2020, she was awarded as one of the “Top ten healers” in the world by the Energy Healing Magazine for her work to help children thrive.

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