Magic at bedtime

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Magic at bedtime

Warning: If you do not believe in magic, do not read on.

I met this wonderful woman and mother. Her 7-year-old son is a great kid with courage, spirit, and energy. The only challenge they had – however a big one – was to get the boy to sleep. For the little nugget would not sleep, and the mother described their end of the day together as a nightmare that had been going on for months.
One day the mother read about “The Children Meditations: In my heart”. She was ready to try anything and immediately bought the book. Determined to turn her nightmare bedtime routine into a good time she lay down with her son and spent quality time reading the first story.
The boy was completely relaxed and after a while she kissed him good night, tiptoed out of the room, and sat at the edge of the couch, ready to go see him like a million times before.
The silence was a blessing – she did not hear a sound. She could not believe it, and after 20 minutes she had to go up and see him. She sneaked up to the room tiptoeing to avoid any potential squeaking sound from the floor – like only a mother is trained to do. His door was open, and she saw him sleeping like a baby with a slight smile on his lip.
And since that day their bedtime has been a lovely end to the day, and the woman sends her son to dreamland with a heart full of love every night.
The mother’s eyes lit so beautifully when she told me about what she calls my “magical book” that has made a big difference in their lives.
The book IS good – however the magic of this book is a present parent reading a book about love filled with meditation techniques that calms children down and teaching them about love at the same time.
Thanks to the sweet mother of the heartwarming story.


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