Teach school kids mindfulness!

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Teach school kids mindfulness!

Are you also interested in more meditation, mindfulness and yoga in our children’s schools?

In this interview, I talk to my good friend, Jackie Wilson, from Empower Education. Jackie is a huge inspiration to me. From her base in Nottingham, England, she is teaching school kids mindfulness and meditation. She is also co-founder of The Positively Empowered Kids Festival, which I was fortunate to attend in Nottingham in 2019.

The day after the festival, I went with Jackie to a public school she has been working on and was allowed to do heart meditation with the children. They were amazing and I could clearly see and feel that the training they had received from Jackie must have been truly unique. They were so attentive, open, concentrated, and ready to spread H E A R T L I G H T. It made me curious to know more about Jackie and how she trains children for better well-being through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

So I set up an interview with her until her work, passion and upcoming projects. Pour a cup of tea into your favorite mug, find a cozy place to sit and hop under a warm blanket. You will want to see this interview come to an end.

Catch up with Jackie and learn more about her here www.empowereducation.co.uk. 


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