Bedtime routines matter
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Gitte Winter Graugaard

International bestselling author and expert in peaceful bedtime routines

Gitte writes books for children filled with magical meditations that help them find peace in the evenings at bedtime and sleep better. She is passionate about teaching children to navigate from their hearts and understand their beautiful inner landscape. When we know our inner landscape, so much in life becomes much easier...

Bedtime routines matter

Children sleep better when they have a nightly bedtime routine! Learn to create a peaceful, loving bedtime routine.

Many children are having a hard time falling asleep. Children today have to deal with many impressions throughout their day and have great access to information. This means that they in general sleep one hour less than we did 25 years ago when we were kids.


Bedtime routines are key


A study with 10,085 mothers from 14 countries has shown that children sleep better when they have a nightly bedtime routine!

“The study found that children with a consistent bedtime routine had better sleep outcomes, including earlier bedtimes, shorter amount of time in bed before falling asleep, reduced night wakings, and increased sleep duration. Children with a bedtime routine every night slept for an average of more than an hour longer per night than children who never had a bedtime routine. Institution of a regular bedtime routine also was associated with decreased sleep problems and daytime behavior problems, as perceived by mothers.”

“Creating a bedtime routine for a child is a simple step that every family can do,” said principal investigator and lead author Jodi Mindell, PhD, professor of psychology at Saint Joseph’s University and associate director of the Sleep Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “It can pay off to not only make bedtime easier, but also that a child is likely to sleep better throughout the entire night.”

The book helps your child to sleep
Each night thousands of children all over the world fall asleep while filling their hearts with love. A bedtime routine so full of love that it will melt your heart. From struggle to bliss – just like that. It is all about a shift in energy. “The Children’s Meditations In my Heart” are a perfect tool to help you create a loving peaceful bedtime routine. We get so many letters from happy parents, who can now finally help their children to sleep and create a loving, calming bedtime routine. Thank you for sharing!

Like this one:

“This book is not just a book. It is a life inspiring choice that I feel every child should be given a chance to see. I am a mum of two beautiful girls the oldest is three. It is now that I wish to show her and fill her with the hope and magic of this world. I myself have only began to see the true magic in love in recent years but I want my children, all children to know their true power and value. This book is an amazing tool for that.”

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Positive bedtime routines

The study also found that the younger that the routine is started, the better the child is likely to sleep and that for each additional night that a family is able to institute a bedtime routine the effect on the child’s sleep improves. The authors recommend calming activities preceding bedtime.

“Positive bedtime routines involve the institution of a set sequence of pleasurable and calming activities preceding a child’s bedtime. The goal is to establish a behavioral chain leading up to sleep onset. Activities may include giving your child a soothing bath, brushing teeth and reading a bedtime story.”

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Helping your child to sleep in a natural way is a gift for your child, who really needs his/her sleep to develop grow, and thrive. Using heart meditation to calm your child down is a scientifically proven method.

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