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Gitte Winter Graugaard

International bestselling author and expert in peaceful bedtime routines

Gitte writes books for children filled with magical meditations that help them find peace in the evenings at bedtime and sleep better. She is passionate about teaching children to navigate from their hearts and understand their beautiful inner landscape. When we know our inner landscape, so much in life becomes much easier...

Peaceful parenting at bedtime

Becoming a mother I quickly learned that my energy affected my children both negatively and positively. A stressed and tired Me often resulted in distress for both of us, whereas a happy and relaxed Me, meant happy and relaxed children. Meditation before their bedtime enabled me to share my heart’s energies with them – “heart power” calmed me, which in turn calmed them, and soon after I made this connection, I wrote The Children’s Meditations In My Heart.

Through heart meditations I began teaching them to connect to their hearts. They were 3 and 6 years old. I helped them find their heart inside a beautiful love mountain. I taught them to fill their hearts with love. We explored the many ways of loving, sending love, receiving love, loving long-distance and sharing love with those in need.

In the days after I listened to their words. They would tell me the most wonderful things about life, love and the universe. I was curious, I paid attention and I had a feeling they were telling me stories from their souls. Their wisdom was profound.

I soon noticed a difference in their sleep too. They would fall asleep instantly during our bedtime meditations, which was of course a huge help for me as a mother. And so it made me think about the connection between our hearts, our time and our sleep.



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Better connected via heart power

Could it be that we sleep better when we feel connected to ourselves, our hearts and each other? Are the sleep problems we see in children today the result of disconnection?

I decided to share some of my stories with other parents and my books are now sold in more than 20 countries worldwide. Each night thousands of children fall asleep inside their love mountains. And guess what? It turns out that the language of the heart is universal, regardless of background, belief and religion. We all love our children.

For my simple methodology to work all you need is to tune into the love for your child. It takes ten minutes at bedtime and makes even the most stressful day end in bliss.

Do you want my 5 steps to make your new bedtime routine with meditation more blissful? Go to the next blog.

Or jump directly to my book The Children’s Meditations In my Heart or my sleep course – links below. 

Fill your heart up with love

In my heart

Get the book that helps thousands of kids to sleep every night. Create that special connection that you will cherish forever.

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Sleep Course

Would you like to help your child to sleep in a peaceful loving way? So many children have trouble falling asleep. Bestselling author Gitte Winter Graugaard from Denmark is helping thousands of children to sleep all over the world. Come join us.

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