Your little emotional scientist
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Gitte Winter Graugaard

International bestselling author and expert in peaceful bedtime routines

Gitte writes books for children filled with magical meditations that help them find peace in the evenings at bedtime and sleep better. She is passionate about teaching children to navigate from their hearts and understand their beautiful inner landscape. When we know our inner landscape, so much in life becomes much easier...

Your little emotional scientist

You are raising an emotional scientist. When you think of your child like a scientist experimenting with emotions a lot becomes clearer and easier.

As parents, it is important that we receive and harbour our children’s feelings and encourage them to get to know and become confident with all of their feelings. It often helps parents, I work with, to think of their children as little scientists working in an emotional lab. The children study different emotions. They may be experi,menting with them as they feel them and often mix them up to test different outcomes. Sometimes they have to study an emotion longer than we like as parents.

Be patient with your child and let them practice. Even if it feels frustrating with you, it is really not about you. Being peaceful and mindful you can assist and hold space for your child’s development in a safe zone. Don’t join their drama. Be the lighthouse in their inner storms.

If you have young children you probably recognize this exploration from different ways of role playing. If they play family they often take on the same role in the imaginary family several times until it is time to experiment with another role.

Need parental inspiration to parent with peace, love and care? It all starts at bedtime really. When you nail that – the rest becomes so much easier.

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