Three steps to bedtime magic
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Gitte Winter Graugaard

International bestselling author and expert in peaceful bedtime routines

Gitte writes books for children filled with magical meditations that help them find peace in the evenings at bedtime and sleep better. She is passionate about teaching children to navigate from their hearts and understand their beautiful inner landscape. When we know our inner landscape, so much in life becomes much easier...

Three steps to bedtime magic

From sleep battles to cuddles

After a long day of parenting, when it is time for bed, it is natural that we as parents are exhausted and feel drained. As much as we love our little ones, let’s face it – it is hard being a parent and we lack time to reload and refill our batteries.

In the previous blog I introduced to you how I found the sleeping method when my kids were 3 and 6 years old. If you want to catch up, read the blog here or go ahead and watch my TEDx below. I am now ready to introduce you to the first step in my three step sleep training model.


Are you exhausted?

The first key in my three step sleep method is to be found in our exhaustion. Many parents I meet in my coaching clinique think that there is something wrong with their kids when they can’t fall asleep. Instead of looking for flaws in our children, I recommend we begin by looking inward and observe our own energy and learn how to take better care of ourselves.

From helping +40,000 parents help their children to sleep though my books with sleep meditations it is my experience that the magical changes begin to happen when WE become aware of what WE radiate at bedtime and begin to parent ourselves first before we parent our children. Here is how to do it! I this blog series I give you three easy steps.

As you’ll notice it is all about us as parents. The kids just mirror our energy. When we are calm and loving, they feel it, can find their own inner peace and falling asleep becomes much easier.


Three steps to bedtime magic

1. Magical sleeping Training step 1

– become aware of your energy

To begin with its all about becoming aware of how you feel and which energy you are loaded with
before bedtime.

Try asking yourself the following questions:
– What are your expectations for the upcoming bedtime?
– What thoughts go through your head about the bedtime ahead?
– How does the situation affect you?
– How do you feel inside if the bedtime turns into craziness?
– Where in your body, can you can feel your irritation, frustration, anger, sadness, etc?
– How does it feel?

Pay attention to your body and get to know where your emotions typically emerge in your system.

The good news

If you feel frustrated, exhausted, deprived, angry it is perfectly normal. The trick is to understand that if you find your magical switch and open your heart just when you feel like shutting down and running away and hiding under your blanket – that is when you turn everything around.

The good news is that the next step will help you. If you think “I don’t know if I can even do it” – just try it out and you will see how much energy and time you will save, when you hack the secret sleeping code.


Three steps to a better bedtime routine

 Ready for the next step? Want to learn more? Read on in the next blog. 

Impatient? – just jump to the solutions below. I will teach you how. 

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Fill your heart up with love

Watch my TEDx about sleep

In 2019 I gave a talk in the UK about why children today can’t sleep and how I found my magical sleeping method. Watch it – and get fired up to find your sleep solution to your child. 

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