A fire meditation for your child
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Gitte Winter Graugaard

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Gitte writes books for children filled with magical meditations that help them find peace in the evenings at bedtime and sleep better. She is passionate about teaching children to navigate from their hearts and understand their beautiful inner landscape. When we know our inner landscape, so much in life becomes much easier...

A fire meditation for your child

What would happen if all children and parents were taught to tend to their inner fire? How would that transform family energies all over the world?

Those were the questions, I asked myself when I began channeling this amazing fire meditation. Hearing from many parents in Denmark after the Danish book launch how helpful this training has  been for their family, I decided to share it with the rest of the world. The meditation is now out in a new book called The Flamedancers’ Fire


The Flamedancers' Fire


“We all wish to see the spark in our children’s smiling eyes, and we dream that they will fall in love with life itself and explore the many adventures life has to offer, and feel connected. One way to make this happen is to teach our children about their inner fire – their passion power – and how to tend to it. Helping your child to balance their inner fire is helping them to navigate their future. It is a gift for life”. 

From my foreword in the book.

Cleanse with the Fire element at bedtime

In this second book in my book series “The Valley of Hearts”, Chief Eaglefeather takes you and your child to visit the magical Flamedancers’ Fire. Are you excited to learn more about your inner fire and help your child find balance with this lifegiving element? This meditation is helpful for both parents and children who have either too much inner fire or too little. It also helps those of you who already have your fire element in balance, maintain this balance and become more conscious of the importance of keeping your inner fire in check.

When we teach energy cleansing methods to our children, we equip them with tools to self-regulate, which they can use throughout the day whilst at school. That will likely mean they will get into fewer arguments. And if they do pick a fight, they might feel it is easier to move on afterwards. It is very likely that it will become easier for them to fall asleep at night as they will let go of what potentially weighs on them. They might even sleep longer and deeper as well.

How is your fire element?

Many parents sit back with a feeling of remembering old wisdom long forgotten when they begin working with the elements. I sure did. Our children are great teachers too. They often come with a deep understanding of the elements around and inside of us, and they simply pay better attention as they are in a state of learning. Use the beginner’s mind of your child to experience the world again by seeing the world through their eyes

Try asking yourself the following – keeping an open mind:

  • What is your relationship with fire?
  • When do you light fire?
  • Do you use fire in your daily routine? Yes? No? Sometimes?
  • Do you think about your inner fire?
  • Are you grateful for the fire in your daily routine? Or do you barely
    recognize it?
  • Are you joyful?
  • How is your temper? Can you self-regulate when angry?
  • Do you have a feeling of having an inner fire? How would you describe that feeling?
  • Do you connect your passion to your inner fire, and if yes how?

Now contemplate on the same questions above but focus instead on how they relate to your child. Consider whether your child shows interest in the element of fire. Maybe there are clues as to whether they manifest a lack of interest, normal interest or great interest in fire. Does your child seek fire? Does your child love to help start a camp fire, roast marshmallows, light candles, light the fireplace and such things? Or perhaps your child is afraid of fire? How is your child’s temper? Can your child self-regulate in anger?

Lift your vibration with fire

When presenting The Flamedancers’ Fire to children, we give them a powerful tool to help cleanse their minds, both when they have too much and too little fire. In the world of meditation and inner work, fire has multiple effects: one effect you might already know comes from the calm we often feel when looking into the embers and flames of a fire. Tapping into this feeling of calmness by connecting to fire is helpful all day long, and can especially help around bedtime when children cleanse their energy and sift through the inputs of the day. Another effect is the cleaning power of the fire, that to me feels like an inner decluttering. 

Let’s get better at tending to our inner fires as parents so that we don’t burn out, and let’s teach the next generation how to tend to their inner fire and how to find passion. That is my goal with this book.

Another ambition with this book is to encourage you to learn from nature and spend more time in nature as a family. When was the last time you looked into the flames of a real fire? I love making bonfires in my garden and connecting to fire. Build a fire, get your sticks and roast marshmallows, bake pancakes or make popcorn over the fire. 

I wish you a magical time around the fire with the flamedancers. Let them help you find inner balance. Eaglefeather will take you there. You get to know him in the first book. 

The Flamedancers' Fire helps you cleanse

The Flamedancers' Fire

Teach your child to tend to their inner fire to find balance and passion in life. 

Meet Chief Eaglefeather - new book

Meet Chief Eaglefeather

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